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Introduction: The Basics About Whitby Area Scouts

The Whitby Area of Scouts Canada is located about 50 km (30 mi.) east of downtown Toronto in the province of Ontario. Whitby Area boundaries include the Town of Whitby, Town of Scugog and include the communities of Brooklin and Ashburn, Port Perry, Blackstock, Zepher and so on. We have 15 Scouting groups in the district, each of which contains various combinations of Beaver, Wolf Cub, Scout, Venturer and Rovers sections.

The total Scouting population in the area so far this year consists of 875 members. We are hoping to beat last year's registration level by the end of the year.

The History of Whitby Area Scouts

Scouting in Whitby goes back to the very beginnings of Scouting in Canada. Offered here are a few interesting items from our distant past.

Scouts Canada It starts with Scouts

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