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Whitby Scouting 2022-2023

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Whitby Volunteer Supports
Those who support local volunteers.
Planning Lead Brian Wick 905-922-5678  
Support Leads
Recognition Assistance Ute Sack
Program Division
Colony (Beaver Scouts) Anita Simmons 905-430 1226  
Pack (Cub Scouts) (vacant) 905-809-5440
Troop (Scouts) (vacant)
Venturer Scouts Lewis Williams
Whitby Service Scouters
Pack Events (Cub Scouts) (vacant)
Troop Events (Scouts) (vacant)
Canoe Co-ordinator / Quartermaster Lewis Williams

Road and Trail Clean Up (Spring/Fall) vacant -  
Whitby Scout Trail Brian Wick 905-922-5678  
Apple Day . .  
Remembrance Day Thomas Schitka 905-409-7242  
ScouTrees Coordinator David Reid

Whitby Santa Claus Parade (vacant)  
Group Commissioners
2nd Brooklin Marg Williamson 905-655-4908  
1st Brooklin Kevin FitzGerald 905-655-3351  
1st Port Perry Sandie Barnes 905-985-6070  
1st Whitby Tim Pollock 905-922-9581  
413th Whitby Sandra Workman 905-430-2323  
7th Whitby Greg Long 905-809-5440  
11th Whitby Ron Robertson 905-579-0128  
12th Whitby Stefan Kyrytow 416-929-4563  
Durham Med Vents Daryl Jenkins 905-409-6803  

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