Guide to Scouting Initialisms

The following are the most useful initialisms for Scouting members in Whitby Area, Ontario, Canada. I wanted to keep this file short, so I've tried to avoid definitions, and just list what the letters stand for. I hope this will clarify some of what you read, but I also hope you will avoid excessive abbreviating when you write or speak. Some of these are in very common use by Scouting people of all kinds.

>>>>>Scouting-related Initialisms:

 AAC    Assistant Area Commissioner (Toronto)
 AC     Area Commissioner
 ACL    Assistant Cub Leader
 ACM    Assistant Cubmaster
 ADC    Assistant District Commissioner
 AL     Activity Leader
 APC    Assistant Provincial Commissioner
 APL    Assistant Patrol Leader
 ARC    Assistant Regional Commissioner
 ASM    Assistant Scoutmaster
 ASPL   Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
 BL     Beaver Leader
 B.-P.  Baden-Powell (Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell)
 BP&P   By-laws, Policies & Procedures (Scouts Canada)
 BSA    Boy Scouts of America
 CJ     Canadian Jamboree
 CL     Cub Leader
 CM     Cubmaster
 CSP    Council Shoulder Patch (U.S.)
 DC     District Commissioner
 DOB    Do Our Best (in Cub Grand Howl)
 DRP    Declaration of Religious Principle
 DSL    District Scout Leader
 DYB    Do Your Best (in Cub Grand Howl)
 GGC    Girl Guides of Canada
 GSUSA  Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.
 IHQ    International Headquarters
 JAL    Junior Activity Leader
 JLT    Junior Leader Training
 JOTA   Jamboree-on-the-Air (ham radio)
 LA     Ladies' Auxiliary (now called SA)
 NC     National Commissioner
 PFE    Provincial Field Executive (no longer in Ont.)
 PC     Provincial Commissioner
 PL     Patrol Leader
 PLC    Patrol Leaders' Council
 PRC    Police Record Check
 QM     Quartermaster
 RA     Rover Advisor
 RC     Regional Commissioner
 RED    Regional Executive Director
 RFE    Regional Field Executive
 RST    Regional Service Team
 SA     Scouting Auxiliary
 SC     Scout Counsellor
 SIT    Scouter-in-Training
 SM     Scoutmaster
 SPL    Senior Patrol Leader
 SWTH   Scouting with the Handicapped (Can., now called SYD)
 SYD    Scouting for Youth with Disabilities
 TS     Troop Scouter
 VA     Venturer Advisor
 VIQ    Venturer Interest Questionnaire
 WAGGGS World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts
 WB     Wood Badge
 WJ     World Jamboree
 WOSM   World Organization of the Scouting Movement

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