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Whitby Scouts Flag Challenge for Scout/Guide Week

All Groups and Sections are challenged to fly your group or section flag(s) in a public and prominent location during Scout/Guide Week, Feb 18-25, 2001.

Members of Scouts Canada, Whitby Area Management Committee will judge all participants and determine the Section or Group that best demonstrates the scouting spirit in rising to this challenge.

To aid the Committee in their deliberations, each participating group should document their response to this challenge and provide sufficient evidence to ensure a full appreciation of your efforts.

Particular attention will be given to flags that are flown in the Highest or most Unusual location.

Groups are encouraged to provide undisputed evidence of success, through the use of photographs; posting on a Web page; coverage by local or national newspapers; CBC National News .... You get the picture?

The intent of this Challenge is to have some fun, do something perhaps a little "off the wall" and show pride in the Scouting movement. Along the way, we may generate some profile or media attention - we hope it's for the right reasons!

All sections can be involved; Beavers; Cubs; Scouts; Venturers; Rovers; Group Committee; Service Team; District Council; Gilwell - anyone left?

Talk it up in your section meetings. Think of interesting places where you can fly your section flag. Remember to arrange for photographs. Think about putting it on the Internet, call the local papers, or national. Perhaps the Rogers Cable Community Station would be interested in a TV slot, if not them, then try the CBC (or CNN?).

Have FUN with this!

Please, please, please do not put anyone at any physical risk in attempting this challenge.

All applicable laws must also be obeyed (Scout; Federal; Provincial, Town or By- !!!!!!) But then you all knew that anyway.

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