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Last update: Oct 23, 2022

Some events are linked to an information page with more details. If that doesn't answer your questions, contact your Service Scouter. Section specific and Training events are colour-coded for easier identification. Most events run in Whitby and many run in White Pine Council are listed here. Check our training page for many more listings of training opportunities in Councils around Whitby.

Beaver Colony brown | Wolf Cub Pack purple | Scout Troop green | Venturer Company & Rover Crew blue | Training red

Only coming events are listed here, but you can see old events, too, if you want to look up something that has already gone by.

Camp Samac Offers Great Program Meeting Space

Camp Samac lots of space available for weekend and weeknight program. Check in to find lots of new meeting spaces and programs.

This is a rotating annual calendar and maintains regular recurring annual event dates. Please follow the guidance of your local GSS Group Service Scouter and Group Commissioner for events.

Jan 2023

Jan 1 - New Years' Day holiday
Jan 1 - Registration fee change for Jan 1-Dec 31 ($230 + group fee)
Jan 18-23 - Bring-a-Friend Week, all sections, all nights.
Jan 26 - Whitby Scouters Roundtable, 7:30-9:00, Walldorf Condo, 711 Rossland Rd E,.
Jan 21 - Scout Winter Rally 3.0, Camp Samac. 9am to 6:30pm.

Feb 2023

Feb 12 - DDSB PA Day high school only (Friday)
Feb 17-19 - Snow Moot, Mt. Nemo Scout Camp, Burlington. Contact: snowmoot@hotmail.com | Facebook Event
Feb 20-26 - Scout-Guide Week
Feb 20 - Family Day holiday
Feb 22 - Thinking Day Scouting's founder Baden Powell's Birthday, look for various celebrations and banquets.
Feb 22? - Whitby Area Beaver Buggy Races.
Feb 23 - Whitby Scouters Roundtable, 7:30-9:00, Walldorf Condo, 711 Rossland Rd E,.

Mar 2023

Mar 1 - Program Quality Standards, winter review
Mar 9-19 - DDSB March Break Week holiday

How to Promote Your Scouting Events in SNAP Newspapers

1) visit www.snapnewspapers.com/locations to locate the closest location to your group/event.
2) once you identify the appropriate location(s), follow link on the right hand side to the website i.e. www.snapwhitby.com
3) Click on "submit your event tab" (top left black tab). You must complete all 3 sections of the online form, including an on site contact person for the event. Watch the "COVERAGE" box in the 2nd section of the form. You have 2 options - list in calendar and send photographer. You can select either or BOTH. Note Photographers will only attend local events with sufficient lead time. You also have the option to indicate the preferred time for the photographer's visit. Once you complete the form click preview to check your information and then once you are satisfied, click submit.
4) A SNAP event coordinator will contact you regarding photographer availability. In the event they are NOT available to attend, then arrange to have your own pictures taken and follow the guidelines below.
Submitting your own photos:
Please feel free to take some high res pictures at your event and they will work to get them in an upcoming edition. Photos will only be accepted if your event Ws previously registered (see above). If this is of interest, please be sure that:
� Photos are at least 1-2 MB in size
� You have included the names of those in the photos, as well as any necessary titles
� All of those in the photo have agreed to have their photo published both in print and online
� Content is submitted in a timely manner in order to meet edition deadlines (48 hours from the time of event is preferable)
This is completely FREE publicity for Scouting - let's endeavour to fully utilize this resource and show everyone what AWESOME experiences and accomplishments our youth have in Scouts Canada!

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Send corrections, comments, and new event listings to Brian Wick at bwick@brooklinsigns.com.