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Whitby Area Scouting's Adopted Road and Adopted Trail

Adopt-a-Road: Highway 12 from Rossland Rd. to Taunton

In the spring of 1999, Whitby Area Scouts adopted Durham Region Highway 12 from Rossland Road to Taunton Road. As the sponsors of this section of road our name has been placed on signs erected by the Region of Durham, serving as a visible reminder of Scouting's contribution to life in our community. We clean up the garbage along the sides of the road twice a year, in November and April. Venturers, Rovers, and Scouts aged 12 and over are responsible for this road cleanup.

Adopt-a-Trail: Waterfront Trail, Intrepid Park to Ronald Deeth Park

In the spring of 1999, Whitby Area Scouts adopted the Waterfront Trail from and including Intrepid Park westwards to Ronald Deeth Park south of Co-Steel Lasco. Adopt-a-Park signs have been placed by the Town of Whitby at each entry to the trail, indicating the Scouts' adoption of this section of the trail, and reminding the public of our commitment to the environment. We clean this section of trail semi-annually, in November and April. All youth members from Beavers though to the oldest sections are involved in this cleanup.

Fall 1999 Cleanup Day

Results of the first road cleanup.
Results of the first trail cleanup.

Our first cleanup was held on Nov. 6, 1999. There was almost more garbage on the roadsides than we could handle, but trail users seem to be relatively clean, as anyone would hope.

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