Hiker's Credo

The Hikers Credo

It is our privilege and not our right to enjoy the bountifulness of what nature has to offer. Nobody owns nature and by using this natural resource we build up a debt that can only be paid by using every means that we can to understand, protect and nurture what we have inherited.

Leave only your thanks, and take nothing but photographs.

Hikers Responsibility and Code of Ethics

1./ Stay on the marked trail.

2./ Respect the privacy of people living along the Trail.

3/. Never damage property of any kind – fences, signs and buildings.

4/. Do not litter. All alien material must be carried along until one finds a suitable rubbish bin at the end of the trail. Additional care must be taken by smokers that ash is not the cause of a fire. A suitable enclosed receptacle should be used for this purpose. While banana peels and apple cores might be considered as biologically degradable’ these should also be carried out and disposed of in a rubbish bin.

Posts with 'garbage bags' attached are located at all entrances to the Trail. Please consider taking one, and collect any litter you see along the Trail.

5/. Do not write names or make markings on rocks or carve on trees.

6/. Do not pick any plants or disturb any wild animals or their habitat

7/. And lastly: while walking, be kind to yourself by not pushing too hard so that you cannot enjoy the small flowers along the route and enjoy the birds.



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