Trail Posts

Posts have been added at the entrances to the Trail to make it easy to keep the Trail clean.

The Pick It Up, Pack It Out Post. A reminder to all Trail users.

The Pick It Up, Pack It Out Post02

Pick It Up This is a reminder to pick any unnatural litter you may find along the Trail. It is also a reminder to not leave any of your own litter along the Trail.

Pick It Up02

Pack It Out Please use your pockets or the Litter Bags provided on the Posts to help keep the Trail clean by carrying out any litter picked up. If we each pick up litter as we see it, the Trail will look as it should-----Natural.

Pack It Out03

Litter bags have been placed on Trail Posts at each end of both Trail Loops. If you have spare white grocery bags at home, consider recycling them by adding them to our Posts the next time you come to the Trail. Thank You for helping to" Pick It Up" and" Pack It Out."

Thank you02

Acknowledgement posts have been erected at the North and South entrances. This one is at the South Entrance.


Trail Post at the North Entrance.



"Thanks to all of the Trail walkers. Each time I walk the Trail I find it cleaner than the time before. Thank you for your care and concern. Lets keep up the great work."

Scouter Al.


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