Take Your GPS

GPS Coordinates

The following coordinates were taken during a south to north walk along the Trail. We hope this will help with your enjoyment of the trail. Scouter Al and Scouter Larry




43 53.324N 078 55.847W


South Gate

North side - Norway Maple South side - Silver Maple

43 53.317N 078 55.873W

Trail turns north along Pringle Creek

North - Manitoba MapleSouth - Buckthorn

43 53.336N 078 55.920W

Trail follows the east bank of Pringle Creek

West - Red Dogwood

43 53.337N 078 55.924W

Trail heads east away from Pringle Creek

West - about 10 meters is a large Willow tree

43 53.348N 078 55.933W

Trail joins Pringle Creek again

East - 1 meter away are 3 large Poplar trees

43 53.379N 078 55.944W

East - 2 meters away is an Elm tree, tere are not many on the trail

43 53.384N 078 55.957W

Clay Chute

The only spot on the trail where you can see the under-lying clay of the creek.

43 53.380N 078 55.948W

Top of Clay Chute

A foot bridge has been placed for you to traverse over a wet spot.

43 53.416N 078 55.983W

East - Cedar growing on an angle (very few cedars in the Pringle Creek Valley

43 53.431N 078 55.994W

West - large Manitoba Maple tree

43 53.440N 078 55.982W

West - Pin Cherry (look closely for the sap on the bark).

North - look for the Dog Strangling Vine

43 53.483N 078 55.981W

Y - in the trail

East - up the rise to the Mid-Point Marker

West - follow the trail along the north portion of the Trail

43 53.487N 078 55.970W

Mid-Point of Trail

Look for an old apple tree showing evidence of beaver damage

43 53.499N 078 55.963W

South End of North Loop Trail

43 53.500N 078 55.971W


Look closely for the survey iron bar (be careful not to trip on it)

43 53.517N 078 55.972W

East - look for a Blue Beech; probably the only one on the trail

43 53.519N 078 55.984W

Keep west over a low wet part of the trail

43 53.528N 078 56.005W

East - look carefully for evidence of Willow regeneration after beaver damage

43 53.536N 078 56.013W

This area of the trail is populated by a ____________ tree

43 53.560N 078 56.000W

East - Black Cherry(look for the rough scaling bark of an aging tree)

43 53.567N 078 56.002W

Pringle Creek splits into 2 distinct water courses

Just ahead on the trail are 2 Willows from the same root.

43 53.574N 078 56.000W

East - in the spring this area is covered wild flowers - blood root, may apple

43 53.587N 078 56.012W

Willow Bend

Large willow tree across Pringle Creek

43 53.587N 078 56.015W

North - the tallest tree is a Basswood

43 53.585N 078 56.028W

Long Pond

Only area where sitings of substantial sized fish have been observed.

43 53.589N 078 56.052W

Apple Tree Camp

West - look for an apple tree attempting to live after beaver damage

43 53.598N 078 56.073W

Scar Ash

West - Large Ash tree creating a 2 meter bark scar

43 53.615N 078 56.076W

Cedar Grave

West - About 6 mature Cedars

North - In the stream bed is one of few places where bedrock can be seen

43 53.633N 078 56.063W

West - The only Birch tree on the

43 53.643N 078 56.050W

North End of Trail

White Pines were planted in 1991 by the Rotary Club



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