Trail Updates

October 2008

Scouter Al is making remarkable progress. He is out on the Scout Trail daily. If you see Al, say hi, and welcome him back.

August 2008

Scouter Al, the guiding force and visionary for the Whitby Scout Trail suffered a stroke this summer. The stroke was a side affect of treating a heart attack with blood thinning drugs. Thanks to quick medical attention, Scouter Al is now in a rehab facility in Toronto. The prognosis is good for a complete recovery.

Keep Scouter Al in your thoughts and prayers. It may be a while, but we will see Scouter Al on the trail.

June 2007

A new addition to the Whitby Scout Trail has been added south from the the Bradley Street Bridge to the CPR rail line. Soon this section of the trail will be detailed in its web page. Keep watching for more details.

December 17, 2007

The Whitby Scout Trail received a grant of $1000.00 from the Baagwating Community Association, as a donation to help expand the Whitby Scout Trail.

I attended a ceremony and luncheon last Friday on Scugog Island at the Baagwating Community Association building and received the cheque, along with a number of other community representatives who in total received over $100,000.00.

Our whole process was made possible by Dave Archer, who wrote a letter of application. Thanks Dave for your foresight, dedication and consideration.

Victor Woodburne and I are currently in discussion with the Whitby Area, Scouts Canada Treasurer, in order to find a way to keep the funds in Whitby and earmarked for the Scout Trail and related enterprises. Wish us luck.

It is indeed reassuring to know that the Spirit of St. Nicholas is alive and well and living on Scugog Island.

See you on the Trail. Al.



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