The Mule Train Wreck Trail

The newest section of the trail south from Bradley St. to the CPR railroad tracks was mapped by 12th Whitby Boy Scouts. The trail is called the Mule Train Wreck Trail after an accident near the trail end on November 2, 1916.

A CPR train was proceeding east through Whitby. The train was packed with mules bound for Montreal and from there to serve as pack animals in the First World War. A wrong switch was opened and the train and its cargo jumped the tracks. The train contained 180 mules. Approximately 150 were killed or had to be destroyed because of the injuries they sustained.

This new train does not hug Pringle Creek like the northern portions, rather it meanders through the woods. Most of the time you are not even aware of the nearby creek.

Marker posts have yet to be erected at either entrance, so you may have to look hard where to start.

Enjoy your walk.

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